Question: Three different O ring shapes are being considered for use in

Three different O-ring shapes are being considered for use in a deep-sea submersible vehicle that will be remote-operated from the surface vessel. Because the sealing effectiveness depends partially on the temperature of the surrounding sea water, a randomized block design has been set up in which each design will be pressure-tested at five temperatures. The temperatures have been selected to represent the maximum of approximately 86 Fahrenheit at surface locations in the tropical climates to the near 32 temperatures found at the greatest depths. For each seal-temperature cell, the measurement in the table is the pressure (thousands of pounds per square inch) recorded just prior to seal failure. At the 0.025 level of significance, could the respective O-ring shapes be equally effective? Using the appropriate statistical table, what is the most accurate statement that can be made about the p-value for the test?

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