Question: Three of the biggest U S commodities exchanges the CME CBOT and

Three of the biggest U.S. commodities exchanges—the CME, CBOT, and NYMEX—were identified in this chapter. Other U.S. exchanges and several foreign commodities exchanges are also closely followed in the United States. Go to the Wall Street Journal Online,, and look in the Commodities & Futures section under Markets Data for a list of recent futures quotes. As noted in this chapter, futures quotes include the name of the exchange on which a particular contract is traded.
*Current prices and margin requirements of futures contracts in the questions and problems below were established to make computations simpler and do not necessarily reflect current market conditions and requirements.
a. Using these quotes, how many U.S. commodities exchanges can you identify? List them.
b. Are quotes from foreign exchanges listed in the Wall Street Journal? If so, list them.
c. For each U.S. and foreign exchange you found in parts a and b, give an example of 1 or 2 contracts traded on that exchange. For example, CBOT—Chicago Board of Trade: oats and Treasury bonds.

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