Question: Throughout the day many exercise shows appear on television These

Throughout the day, many exercise shows appear on television. These usually feature attractive and fit men and women performing various exercises and urging viewers to duplicate the activity at home. Some viewers are exercisers. However, some people like to watch the shows without exercising (which explains why attractive people are used as demonstrators). Various companies sponsor the shows, and there are commercial breaks. One sponsor wanted to determine whether there are differences between exercisers and non-exercisers in terms of how well they remember the sponsor’s name. A random sample of viewers was selected and called after the exercise show was over. Each was asked to report whether he or she exercised or only watched. They were also asked to name the sponsor’s brand name (2 = yes, they could; 1 = no, they couldn’t). Can the sponsor conclude that exercisers are more likely to remember the sponsor’s brand name than those who only watch?

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