Thule Drilling sued Jacob Schimberg based on business transactions between Thule and QGM Group, a corporation for which Schimberg was the CEO. Thule's contract with QGM required QGM to do repair and construction work on three of Thule's mobile drilling rigs. Thule agreed to loan QGM funds so that QGM's work on the rigs could be completed. Thule alleged that QGM breached the contracts with Thule and that Thule was entitled to take possession of the rigs. Thule also argued that Schimberg, as the corporate agent of QGM, was personally liable to Thule, because he directly denied Thule access to its rigs, committing the tort of conversion. Schimberg argued that he acted only at the behest of his QGM superiors and that he was never a party to any of the contracts between Thule and QGM. Are both QGM and Schimberg liable to Thule?

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