Thunder Cat Services specializes in training and veterinary services to
Thunder Cat Services specializes in training and veterinary services to household pets, such as dogs, birds, lizards, fish, horses, and of course, cats. After the first 11 months of operations in 2015, Thunder Cat has the following account balances:

The following transactions occur during December 2015:
December 1–31 Throughout the month, Thunder Cat provides services to customers for cash, $27,400. (Hint: Record the entire month’s services in a single entry.)
December 4 Purchase pet supplies on account, $2,900.
December 8 Pay for fliers to be distributed to local residences to advertise the company’s services, $3,200.
December 9 Pay for supplies purchased on December 4.
December 12 Issue additional shares of common stock for cash, $5,000.
December 16 Pay cash on accounts payable, $6,300.
December 19 Purchase equipment with cash, $7,700.
December 22 Pay utilities for December, $4,500.
December 24 Receive cash from customers for services to be provided next January, $2,300.
December 27 One of Thunder Cat’s trainers takes a part-time job at the zoo and earns a salary of $1,200. The zoo and Thunder Cat Services are separate companies.
December 30 Pay employee salaries for the current month, $7,000.
December 31 Pay dividends to stockholders, $3,000.

1. Record each transaction.
2. Post each transaction to the appropriate T-accounts.
3. Calculate the balance of each account at December 31.
4. Prepare a trial balance as of December31.
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