Tim Raven is an independent fraud investigator called to investigate an anonymous tip made on the tip line of the Wilson Fast automobile dealership. The tip reads as follows: I am an employee of the company, and I find it necessary to tell you what is going on right under your nose. You are being cheated on trade-ins for new cars. What’s happening is that trade-ins are being overvalued, and you can be sure that at least one of your employees is personally benefiting from this. The dealership is a large organization, with 11 sales persons, four sales managers, and four used car buyers. There are two shifts every day, and all these employees take turns operating on one shift versus the other. Any of the sales managers or car buyers can approve trade- in prices.

a. Develop a fraud theory that fits with the reported tip.
b. Develop a plan for collecting evidence to test your fraud theory.

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