Tina was walking to her car in the mall parking
Tina was walking to her car in the mall parking lot when she saw a man standing by an open car trunk. In the trunk were several items that Tina had been searching for in the mall but either could not find, or they were too expensive. Tina asks the man about the items and he tells her they are for sale. The price he offered was well within what Tina could pay and the goods were still in their original packaging. Tina purchases several items. One she gave to her sister for a birthday gift, and one she sold to her aunt who had also been searching for the item. Later Tina sees a news story about the guy who sold her the goods being involved with a big theft ring that sold stolen goods. The description of the goods included the items Tina purchased. What title does Tina have to the goods? What title does Tina’s sister have to the good Tina gave her? What title does Tina’s aunt have to the item she bought from Tina?
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