Question: To ensure the quality cost and timeliness of the new

To ensure the quality, cost, and timeliness of the new system, you suggested that New Century use a project management approach. Dr. Jones agreed, and he wants you develop a brief presentation that will describe project management concepts and benefits. You realize that most of the partners do not have project management experience, and it is important to deliver a clear, informative presentation. You plan to include an overview of project management, a step-by-step description of project planning, and an explanation of key terms. You also need to describe various types of task patterns, and show examples of Gantt and PERT/CPM charts.
1. Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to explain project management concepts and benefits.
2. Create a Microsoft Word handout with a list of all key project management terms, including a definition and an example for each term.
3. In your presentation, provide an example of an imaginary project with at least six tasks. Assign task durations and dependencies that include all types of task patterns. Create a Gantt chart that displays the project.
4. Use the Task 3 example to create a PERT/CPM chart.

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