To help you understand and compare the performance of two
To help you understand and compare the performance of two companies in the same industry. Find the Columbia Sportswear Company Annual Report located in Appendix A and go to the Selected Financial Data starting on page 000. Now access the 2010 Annual Report for Under Armour, Inc,. from the Internet. Go to the company's Web page for Investor Relations at http:// and under Downloads on the right-hand side, go to 2010 Annual Report. The company's Selected Financial Data start on page 26. The Selected Financial Data is the area of the Notes to the Financial Statements where the companies do their trend analysis. Each company has supplied the reader of the financial state ments with five years of data to analyze. It is then up to the reader to determine the trend of the company.

1. In your opinion and based on what you have learned from this chapter, what is the trend of each of these companies? And based on this data, which company would you invest in?

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