Question: Today as you reviewed some cost figures you realized they

Today, as you reviewed some cost figures, you realized they didn’t fit with the last monthly report you filed. You had pulled the numbers together from several sources, and you’re not sure what happened. Maybe you miscopied, or didn’t save the final version after you’d checked all the numbers. But whatever the cause, you’ve found errors in three categories. You gave your boss the following totals:
Personnel ...... $2,843,490
Office supplies ..... $43,500
Telephone ..... $186,240
E-mail your boss to correct the information.

As your instructor directs,
Write e-mail messages for the following situations:
a. The correct numbers are
Personnel .... $2,845,490
Office supplies ... $34,500
Telephone ...... $186,420
b. The correct numbers are
Personnel .... $2,845,490
Office supplies .... $84,500
Telephone ...... $468,240
Variations for each situation:
1. Your boss has been out of the office; you know she hasn’t seen the data yet.
2. Your boss gave a report to the executive committee this morning using your data.

How serious is the mistake in each situation?
In which situations, if any, should you apologize?
Should you give the reason for the mistake? Why or why not?
How do your options vary depending on whether your job title gives you responsibility for numbers and accounting?

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