Question: Today s successful women often march to their own unique drums

“Today’s successful women often march to their own unique drums, are highly motivated, and are very concerned about the greater good for society,” says Jennifer Katz, president of AOI Marketing, Inc., a new media marketing firm. A start-up team at AOI Marketing was charged with developing a concept that can be used to license and to market a variety of products to the “tween and teen” female market. The team observed that many of today’s successful women don’t fit into the most-popular-girl-in-their-high-school-class model. “So we developed the concept of communicating a message that is uplifting and empowering for girls,” says Katz.

1. (a) What is the image you first have when you hear the brand name “Bitter Girls”? What are both?
(b) The strengths
(c) The weaknesses in linking this brand name to the concept of empowering tweens and teens?
2. How can social media be used to drive traffic to the Bitter Girls website?
3. How can Bitter Girls
(a) Bring people from its website to its Facebook Page
(b) Increase their involvement and participation on its Facebook Page?
(c) Why are these important goals?
4. (a) How can Bitter Girls find new likes?
(b) On what other Facebook Pages should Bitter Girls advertise?
5. (a) What products besides apparel and mobile phonecases might Bitter Girls license?
(b) How can Bitter Girls promote its products through Facebook?

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