Question: Toshihiro Nakamura manufacturing engineering section manager is examining the prototype

Toshihiro Nakamura, manufacturing engineering section manager, is examining the prototype assembly process sheet (shown in Exhibit 8.15) for the newest subnotebook computer model. With every new model introduced, management felt that the assembly line had to increase productivity and lower costs, usually resulting in changes to the assembly process.

1. What is the daily capacity of the assembly-line de-signed by the engineers? Assume that the assembly line has a computer at every position when it is started at the beginning of the day.
2. When it is running at maximum capacity, what is the efficiency of the line relative to its use of labor? Assume that the supporter is not included in efficiency calculations.
3. How should the line be redesigned to operate at the initial 250 units per day target, assuming that no overtime will be used? What is the efficiency of your new design?
4. What about running the line at 300 units per day? If overtime were used with the engineers’ initial de-sign, how much time would the line need to be run each day?
5. Can the assembly line produce 300 units per day without using overtime?
6. What other issues might Toshihiro consider when bringing the new assembly line up tospeed?

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