Question: Traditionally wine has been sold in glass bottles with cork

Traditionally, wine has been sold in glass bottles with cork stoppers. The stoppers are supposed to keep air out of the bottle because oxygen is the enemy of wine, particularly red wine. Recent research appears to indicate that metal screw caps are more effective in keeping air out of the bottle.
However, metal caps are perceived to be inferior and usually associated with cheaper brands of wine. To determine if this perception is wrong, a random sample of 130 people who drink at least one bottle per week on average was asked to participate in an experiment. All were given the same wine in two types of bottles. One group was given a corked bottle, and the other was given a bottle with a metal cap and asked to taste the wine and indicate what they think the retail price of the wine should be.
Determine whether there is enough evidence to conclude that bottles of wine with metal caps are perceived to be cheaper.

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