Question: Transaction analysis various accounts Enter the following column headings across the

Transaction analysis—various accounts. Enter the following column headings across the top of a sheet of paper:

Enter the transaction/adjustment letter in the first column, and show the effect, if any, of each of the transactions/adjustments on the appropriate balance sheet category or on the income statement by entering the amount and indicating whether it is an addition (1) or a subtraction (2). You may also write the journal entries to record each transaction/adjustment.
a. Wages of $1,325 accrued at the end of the prior fiscal period were paid this fiscal period.
b. Real estate taxes of $3,550 applicable to the current period have not been accrued.
c. Interest on bonds payable has not been accrued for the current month. The company has outstanding $420,000 of 7.5% bonds.
d. The premium related to the bonds in part c has not been amortized for the current month. The current-month amortization is $110.
e. Based on past experience with its warranty program, the estimated warranty expense for the current period should be 0.2% of sales of $612,000.
f. Analysis of the company's income taxes indicates that taxes currently payable are $93,000 and that the deferred tax liability should be increased by$34,000.
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