Question: Transactions from Lucky Bamboo Inc s current year follow 1 Lucky Bamboo

Transactions from Lucky Bamboo, Inc.'s current year follow.
1. Lucky Bamboo, Inc. thinks it should dispose of its excess land. VVhile the book value is $50,000, current market prices are depressed and only $25,000 is expected upon disposal. The following journal entry was made:
Loss on Disposal of Land......... 25,000
Land...................... 25,000
2. Merchandise inventory that cost $630,000 was reported on the statement of financial position at $690,000, which is the expected selling price less estimated selling costs. The following entry was made to record this increase in value:
3. The company is being sued for $500,000 by a customer who claims damages for personal injury that was allegedly caused by a defective product. Company lawyers feel extremely confident that the company will have no liability for damages resulting from the situation. Nevertheless, the company decides to make the following entry:
Litigation Expense.......... 450,000
Litigation Liability.......... 450,000
4. Because the general level of prices increased during the current year, Lucky Bamboo, Inc. determined that there was a $16,000 understatement of depreciation expense on its equipment and decided to record it in its accounts.
The following entry was made:
Depreciat ion Expense ............ 16,000
Accumulated Depreciation- Equipment.......... 16,000
5. Lucky Bamboo, Inc. has been concerned about whether intangible assets could generate cash in case of liquidation.
As a result, goodwill arising from a business acquisition during the current year and recorded at $800,000 was written off as follows:
Retained Earnings............. 800,000
Goodwill.................... 800,000
6. Because of a "fire sale," equipment that was obviously worth $200,000 was acquired at a bargain price of $ 15 5,000.
The following entry was made:
In each of the above situations, discuss the appropriateness of the journal entries in terms of generally accepted accounting principles. For purposes of your discussion, assume that the financial statements, particularly net income, will be used by the court in a divorce settlement for the company president's wife.

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