Question: Turilli owner of the Jessie James Museum in Stanton Missouri

Turilli, owner of the Jessie James Museum in Stanton, Missouri, stated that the person shot to death and buried in 1882 as the notorious Jessie James was an imposter and that the real Jessie James lived under the alias of Frank Dalton for many years after he supposedly was shot to death. This statement brought a lot of attention to Turilli’s museum. To prove his point, Turilli went on television nationwide and offered a reward of $ 10,000 to anyone who could prove that his statement was not true. After hearing the offer, a
proven relative of Jessie James came forward with substantial evidence that James truly had been killed and buried in 1882, as alleged in the history books. Despite this evidence, Turilli refused to pay the reward. James’s relative sued to recover the $ 10,000. Turilli claimed that his television statement was not a real offer. Had Turilli made a true offer?

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