Question: Two eight year old boys were seriously injured when riding Honda

Two eight-year-old boys were seriously injured when riding Honda mini trail bikes provided by their parents. The boys were riding on public streets and ran a stop sign when they were hit by a truck. One boy was not wearing a helmet. The bikes had clear warning labels on the front stating that they were only for offroad use. The owner's manual was clear that the bikes were not to be used on public streets and that riders should wear helmets. The parents sued Honda. The supreme court of Washington said that there was one basic issue.
"Is a manufacturer liable when children are injured while riding one of its mini trail bikes on a public road in violation of manufacturer and parental warnings?" Is it unethical to make products like mini trail bikes that will be used by children, when we know some accidents like this will happen? [Baughn v. Honda Motor Co., 727 P.2d 655 Sup. Ct., Wash., (1986)]

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