Question: Two Hollywood companies had the following balance sheet accounts as

Two Hollywood companies had the following balance sheet accounts as of December 31, 20X7 ($ in millions):

On January 4, 20X8, these entities combined. Lexia issued $360 million of its shares (at market value) in exchange for all the shares of Hudson, a motion picture division of a large company. The inventory of films acquired through the combination had been fully amortized on Hudson’s books.
During 20X8, Hudson received revenue of $42 million from the rental of films from its inventory. Lexia earned $40 million on its other operations (i.e., excluding Hudson) during 20X8. Hudson broke even on its other operations (i.e., excluding the film rental contracts) during 20X8.
1. Prepare a consolidated balance sheet for the combined company immediately after the combination. Assume $160 million of the purchase price was assigned to the inventory of films. The fair values of all other Hudson assets and liabilities were equal to their book values.
2. Prepare a comparison of Lexia’s consolidated net income between 20X7 and 20X8, where the cost of the film inventories would be amortized on a straight-line basis over 4 years. What would be the net income for 20X8 if the $160 million were assigned to goodwill instead of the inventory of films and goodwill was notamortized?
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