Question: Two isomers A and B of a given compound dimerize

Two isomers (A and B) of a given compound dimerize as follows:
Both processes are known to be second order in the reactant, and k1 is known to be 0.250 Lmol-1s-1 at 258C. In a particular experiment A, and B were placed in separate containers at 25oC, where [A]0 = 1.00 × 10-2 M and [B]0 = 2.50 × 10-2 M. After each reaction had progressed for 3.00 min, [A] = 3.00[B]. In this case the rate laws are defined as follows:
a. Calculate the concentration of A2 after 3.00 min.
b. Calculate the value of k2.
c. Calculate the half-life for the experiment involving A.

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