Question: Tyler Company acquired all of Jasmine Company s outstanding stock on

Tyler Company acquired all of Jasmine Company’s outstanding stock on January 1, 2009, for $206,000 in cash. Jasmine had a book value of only $140,000 on that date. However, equipment (having an eight year life) was undervalued by $54,400 on Jasmine’s financial records. A building with a 20-year life was overvalued by $10,000. Subsequent to the acquisition, Jasmine reported the following:

In accounting for this investment, Tyler has used the equity method. Selected accounts taken from the financial records of these two companies as of December 31, 2011, follow:

Determine and explain the following account balances as of December 31, 2011:
a. Investment in Jasmine Company (on Tyler’s individual financial records).
b. Equity in Subsidiary Earnings (on Tyler’s individual financial records).
c. Consolidated Net Income.
d. Consolidated Equipment (net).
e. Consolidated Buildings (net).
f. Consolidated Goodwill (net).
g. Consolidated Common Stock.
h. Consolidated Retained Earnings,12/31/11.
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