Unfortunately StatTools doesn t have a stacked option for its correlation
Unfortunately, StatTools doesn’t have a stacked option for its correlation procedure, which would allow you to get a separate table of correlations for each category of a categorical variable. The only alternative is to sort on the categorical variable, insert some blank rows between values of different categories, copy the headings to each section, create separate StatTools data sets for each, and then ask for correlations from each. Do this with the movie data in the file S02_02.xlsx. Specifically, separate the data into three data sets based on Genre: one for Comedy, one for Drama, and one for all the rest. For this problem, you can ignore the third group. For each of Comedy and Drama, create a table of correlations between 7-day Gross, 14-day Gross, Total US Gross, International Gross, and US DVD Sales. Comment on whether the correlation structure is much different for these two popular genres.

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