Question: Uni Invest Ltd holds commercial and residential real estate interests in

Uni-Invest Ltd. holds commercial and residential real estate interests in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, and British Columbia. On October 23, Year 10, Basic Realty Investment Corporation acquired 100% of the outstanding common shares of Uni-Invest Ltd. in exchange for 32,584,051 common shares of Basic.
At October 31, Year 9, Basic had 3,333,320 common shares and 6,000,001 Class C preferred shares issued and outstanding. Prior to the acquisition, the 6,000,001 Class C preferred shares were converted to common shares on a share for-share basis. Then, on October 23, Year 10, the 9,333,321 common shares were consolidated five for one to yield 1,866,664 common shares, with a carrying amount of $746 and a fair value of $2,024,845. Values for Basic's shareholders' equity are summarized as follows:
Details of the fair value excess for the assets acquired and liabilities assumed on the transaction are as follows:
Assets acquired
Property, plant & equipment ........ $4,632,398
Other assets ............... 271,436
Liabilities assumed
Long-term debt ............. 2,707,504
Other liabilities ............. 143,000
Fair value excess for net assets acquired .... $2,053,330
Based on this information, how should this investment be reported? More specifically, which company is the parent? Which is the subsidiary? Why? What earnings, and for what period, are reported in the consolidated financial statements for the year ended December 31, Year 10? Why?

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