USA Airlines uses the following performance measures Classify each of
USA Airlines uses the following performance measures. Classify each of the performance measures below into the most likely balanced scorecard perspective it relates to. Label your answers using C (customer), P (internal process), I (innovation and growth), or F (financial).
1. Cash flow from operations __________
2. Number of reports of mishandled or lost baggage __________
3. Percentage of on-time departures __________
4. On- time flight percentage __________
5. Percentage of ground crew trained __________
6. Return on investment __________
7. Market value __________
8. Accidents or safety incidents per mile flown __________
9. Customer complaints __________
10. Flight attendant training sessions attended __________
11. Time airplane is on ground between flights __________
12. Airplane miles per gallon of fuel __________
13. Revenue per seat __________
14. Cost of leasing airplanes __________

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