Use Citations in the main menu to perform a citation search for the following exercises:
a. Find paragraph BUSEXP 24,118.30 in the Federal Tax Consultant. What issue does this discuss?
b. Find I. R. C. § 221 in the Standard Federal Tax Reporter. What does this Code section deal with?
c. From § 221 in the Standard Federal Tax Reporter, use the Document Path and select Interest on Education Loans— Sec 221. In the Browse window, expand the tree for § 221. Which Standard Federal Tax Reporter paragraph covers this issue?
d. Return to the Citations tab and select Current Internal Revenue Code from the Federal Tax Primary Sources heading. Use the citation template to find § 221. Using Document Path, confirm whether the Standard Federal Tax Reporter is available from the Document path links.
e. Use the Related Documents button for ANNOTATIONS at the top of § 221. Which paragraph of the Standard Federal Tax Reporter is shown?

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