Question: Use the CCH IntelliConnect Tax Research Consultant to perform a

Use the CCH IntelliConnect, Tax Research Consultant to perform a keyword search on the topic of making an election to defer the determination of whether an activity is not engaged in for profit (hobby) until after the fourth year. Use the following terms: hobby election defer
a. How many results were found? How many are shown?
b. Open the document STAGES: ¶ 9,062.10. Check the document path. Based on the document path, which topic is covered by this broad section of the Tax Research Consultant?
c. Read the document and find the link that discusses filing Form 5213. Which paragraph is linked to?
d. Expand the results in the results window to reveal all five results. What is the paragraph of the two results found in the BUSEXP chapters?
e. Start a new search of the Tax Research Consultant but this time use the following keywords: profit motive election defer. What is the first result listed? Which search terms resulted in a more direct search? Why?

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