Question: Use the formula of Exercise 2 15 to convert each of

Use the formula of Exercise 2.15 to convert each of the following odds to probabilities:
(a) If three eggs are randomly chosen from a carton of 12 eggs of which 3 are cracked, the odds are 34 to 21 that at least one of them will be cracked.
(b) If a person has eight $ 1 bills, five $ 5 bills, And one $ 20 bill, And randomly selects three of them, the odds are 11 to 2 that they will not all be $ 1 bills.
(c) If we arbitrarily arrange the letters in the word “ nest,” the odds are 5 to 1 that we will not get a meaningful word in the English language.
In exercise
P = A / A + B

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