Question: Use the information in Exercise 22 3 and the following additional

Use the information in Exercise 22-3 and the following additional information to prepare a budgeted in-come statement for the month of July and a budgeted balance sheet for July 31.
a. Cost of goods sold is 55% of sales.
b. Inventory at the end of June is $ 80,000 and at the end of July is $ 60,000.
c. Salaries payable on June 30 are $ 50,000 and are expected to be $ 60,000 on July 31.
d. The equipment account balance is $ 1,600,000 on July 31. On June 30, the accumulated depreciation on equipment is $ 280,000.
e. The $ 6,600 cash payment of interest represents the 1% monthly expense on a bank loan of $ 660,000.
f. Income taxes payable on July 31 are $ 30,720, and the income tax rate applicable to the company is 30%.
g. The only other balance sheet accounts are: Common Stock, with a balance of $ 600,000 on June 30; and Retained Earnings, with a balance of $ 964,000 on June 30.
In Exercise 22-3, Use the following information to prepare the July cash budget for Acco Co. It should show expected cash receipts and cash disbursements for the month and the cash balance expected on July 31.
a. Beginning cash balance on July 1: $ 50,000.
b. Cash receipts from sales: 30% is collected in the month of sale, 50% in the next month, and 20% in the second month after sale (uncollectible accounts are negligible and can be ignored). Sales amounts are:
May (actual), $ 1,720,000; June (actual), $ 1,200,000; and July (budgeted), $ 1,400,000.
c. Payments on merchandise purchases: 60% in the month of purchase and 40% in the month following purchase. Purchases amounts are: June (actual), $ 700,000; and July (budgeted), $ 750,000.
d. Budgeted cash disbursements for salaries in July: $ 275,000.
e. Budgeted depreciation expense for July: $ 36,000.
f. Other cash expenses budgeted for July: $ 200,000.
g. Accrued income taxes due in July: $ 80,000.
h. Bank loan interest due in July: $ 6,600.

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