Question: Use the Minerals Plus Inc data in Exercise to prepare

Use the Minerals Plus, Inc. data in Exercise to prepare the spreadsheet for the 2015 statement of cash flows.
In Exercise, The income statement of Minerals Plus, Inc. follows:

Additional data follow:
a. Acquisition of plant assets is $ 119,000. Of this amount, $ 100,000 is paid in cash and $ 19,000 by signing a note payable.
b. Cash receipt from sale of land totals $ 28,000. There was no gain or loss.
c. Cash receipts from issuance of common stock total $ 29,000.
d. Payment of note payable is $ 18,000.
e. Payment of dividends is $ 8,000.
f. From the balance sheet:

Format cash flows from operating activities by the indirectmethod.
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