Question: Use the Target Corporation s Form 10 K to answer the following

Use the Target Corporation’s Form 10-K to answer the following questions related to Target’s 2012 fiscal year (year ended February 2, 2013). Target’s Form 10-K is available on the company’s website or through the SEC’s EDGAR database. Appendix A provides instructions for using the EDGAR database. You will need to read carefully the company’s Consolidated Statements of Financial Position (balance sheets) as well as footnotes 16 through 19.

a. What percentage of Target’s assets was being financed with liabilities (versus shareholders’ equity)?
b. How does Target account for bank overdrafts, and how much overdrafts did it have as of February 2, 2013?
c. What was the average interest rate that Target paid on its borrowings?
d. Target reported Accrued and Other Liabilities of $3,981 as of February 2, 2013. What was the largest subcategory of liabilities included in this account?

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