Question: Use the Target Corporation s Form 10 K to answer the following

Use the Target Corporation’s Form 10-K to answer the following questions related to Target’s 2012 fiscal year (year ended February 2, 2013). Target’s Form 10-K is available on the company’s website or through the SEC’s EDGAR database. Appendix A provides instructions for using the EDGAR database.

a. What is the par value per share of Target’s stock?
b. How many shares of Target’s common stock were outstanding as of February 2, 2013?
c. Target’s annual report provides some details about the company’s executive officers. How many are identified? What is their minimum, maximum, and average age? How many are females?
d. Target’s balance sheet does not show a balance for treasury stock. Does this mean the company has not repurchased any of its own stock? Explain.

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