Question: Use the Target Corporation s Form 10 K to answer the following

Use the Target Corporation’s Form 10-K to answer the following questions related to Target’s 2012 fiscal year (year ended February 2, 2013). Target’s Form 10-K is available on the company’s website or through the SEC’s EDGAR database. Appendix A provides instructions for using the EDGAR database. Round answers to one decimal place.

a. What percentage of Target’s total assets was comprised of credit card receivables?
b. Approximately what percentage of credit card receivables did the company think will not be collected in 2012 and 2013?
c. What is Target’s policy regarding when to write off credit card receivables?
d. What percentage of Target’s total assets was comprised of inventory?
e. What cost flow method did Target use to account for its inventory?
f. Target had arrangements with some of its vendors such that it does not purchase or pay for merchandise inventory until the merchandise is sold to outside customers. Was the cost of these goods ever included in the Inventory account?

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