Question: Use Worksheet 5 4 Miao Tian purchased a condominium four years

Use Worksheet 5.4. Miao Tian purchased a condominium four years ago for $180,000, paying $1,250 per month on her $162,000, 8 percent, 25-year mortgage. The current loan balance is $152,401. Recently, interest rates have dropped sharply, causing Miao to consider refinancing her condo at the prevailing rate of 6 percent. She expects to remain in the condo for at least four more years and has found a lender that will make a 6 percent, 21-year, $152,401 loan requiring monthly payments of $1,065. Although there is no prepayment penalty on her current mortgage, Miao will have to pay $1,500 in closing costs on the new mortgage. She is in the 15 percent tax bracket. Based on this information, use the mortgage refinancing analysis form in Worksheet 5.4 to determine whether she should refinance her mortgage under the specified terms.

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