Question: Use your judgment just as a manager would use his

Use your judgment (just as a manager would use his or her judgment for account analysis) to determine the cost behaviour of each of the following personal costs:
a. Apartment rental, $500 per month
b. Local phone service with unlimited local calls, $19.99 per month
c. Cell phone plan, the first 700 minutes are included for $39.99 per month and every minute thereafter costs $0.30
d. Utilities, $0.475 per kilowatt hour
e. Car payment, $350 per month
f. Car insurance, $250 per month
g. Gas, $0.98 per litre and your car averages 17 km/L.
h. Cable TV, $50 per month for 120 channels plus $4.99 per pay-per-view movie
i. Commuter rail tickets, $2 per ride
j. Student activity pass, $100 plus $5 per event
k. Campus meal plan, $3 per meal

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