Question: Using a financial calculator provide a solution to each of the following

Using a financial calculator, provide a solution to each of the following situations.
(a) Bill Schroeder owes a debt of $35,000 from the purchase of his new sport utility vehicle. The debt bears annual interest of 9.1% compounded monthly. Bill wishes to pay the debt and interest in equal monthly payments over 8 years, beginning one month hence. What equal monthly payments will pay off the debt and interest?
(b) On January 1, 2011, Sammy Sosa offers to buy Mark Grace’s used snowmobile for $8,000, payable in five equal annual installments, which are to include 8.25% interest on the unpaid balance and a portion of the principal. If the first payment is to be made on December 31, 2011, how much will each payment be?

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