Question: Using a spreadsheet e g Excel design a decision aid

Using a spreadsheet (e. g., Excel), design a decision aid to help you complete the following task. You are looking for a new apartment and decided to go through a realtor instead of shopping for the apartment through advertisements. Cain Realty provided you with the following list of seven available apartments in the area you specified. The apartments have been evaluated by Cain Realty using 12 different criteria (listed as 2– 13 on the spreadsheet in Figure). Here are some suggestions on how to set up your decision aid: (1) Decide which of the 12 factors you want to include in your decision model. (2) For each factor selected in step (1), decide how much decision weight you want to assign it relative to the other factors. Suggestion: You may want to distribute the decision weights so that they add up to 100 (i. e., 100%). Be prepared to discuss and justify your decisions about factors and weights, especially in comparison to the factors and weights used by other students.

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