Question: Using an electronic research database such as Checkpoint CCH Tax

Using an electronic research database such as Checkpoint, CCH Tax Research NetWork, or LexisNexis, find the case Thomas
a. Curtis, M.D., Inc., 1994 TC Memo ¶94,015, and answer the following questions. The purpose of these questions is to enhance your skills in reading and interpreting authorities that you locate while doing research.
a. What is the general controversy being litigated in this case?
b. Which party—the taxpayer or the government—won the case?
c. Why is the plaintiff the corporation instead of Dr. and/or Mrs. Curtis?
d. What is the relationship between Ellen Barnett Curtis and Dr. Thomas a. Curtis?
e. For the fiscal year ended in 1989, how much salary did Ms. Curtis receive from the corporation? What did the court decide was a reasonable amount of compensation for her for that year?
f. Was this case appealed? How did you determine your answer?

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