Using an Internet search engine or a library database, enter the search term “ McDonald’s coffee verdict” to research the case Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants (1994). Based on your research, prepare a memo to your professor that answers the following questions:
1. How did the injury occur?
2. In what state was this case decided?
3. How old was the plaintiff at the time of the injury? Based on this fact, would you expect economic damages to include lost earnings? Why or why not?
4. How much did the jury award the plaintiff in compensatory damages?
5. What types of damages were included in compensatory damages? Were these damages economic or noneconomic?
6. How much did the jury award the plaintiff in punitive damages? How was this amount determined?
7. Did the trial judge adjust the jury’s punitive damage award? If so, by how much and for what reason?
8. Based on your research, do you agree with the common perception of this case as a “poster child” for frivolous lawsuits? Why or why not?

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