Question: Using decoys is a common method of hunting waterfowl A

Using decoys is a common method of hunting waterfowl. A study in the Journal of Wildlife Management (July 1995) compared the effectiveness of three different types of decoy—taxidermy-mounted decoys, plastic shell decoys, and full-bodied plastic decoys—in attracting Canada geese to sunken pit blinds. In order to account for an extraneous source of variation, three pit blinds were used as blocks in the experiment. Thus, a randomized block design with three treatments (types of decoy) and three blocks (pit blinds) was employed. The response variable was the percentage of a goose flock to approach within 46 meters of the pit blind on a given day. The data are given in the following table and saved in the DECOY file: †
a. Use statistical software (or the formulas in Appendix B) to construct an ANOVA table.
b. Interpret the F-statistic for comparing the response means of the three types of decoy.
c. What assumptions are necessary for the validity of the inference made in part a?
d. Why is it not necessary to conduct multiple comparisons of the response means for the three types of decoy?

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