Question: Using either the SEC EDGAR Web site or Starbucks Web

Using either the SEC EDGAR Web site or Starbucks’ Web site, find Starbucks’ 2011 financial statements. Note the following summarized items (dollars in millions) from the income statement for the year ended October 2, 2011:

1. Prepare six summary journal entries for the given data. Use Starbucks’ account titles and label your entries a through f. Omit explanations. For simplicity, assume all transactions (except for cost of sales) were for cash. Assume cost of sales is 70% of the “cost of sales including occupancy costs,” whereas occupancy costs are 30% and are paid in cash.
2. Starbucks’ balance sheet shows $2,355.0 million of Property, Plant, and Equipment, net. Explain what the term “net” means and find both gross and net amounts for Property, Plant, andEquipment.
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