Question: Using Microsoft Project build a project schedule based on the

Using Microsoft Project, build a project schedule based on the following scenario. Print the Gantt chart. If required by your teacher, also print the Network Diagram (i.e., a PERT chart). In the table to the right is a list of tasks a student can perform to have an international experience by attending a university abroad. You can build schedules for several versions of this set of tasks. For the first version, assume that all predecessor tasks must finish before the succeeding task can begin (the simplest version). For a second version, identify several tasks that can begin a few days before the end of the predecessor task. For a third version, modify the second version so that some tasks can begin a few days after the beginning of a predecessor task. Also, insert a few overview tasks such as Application tasks, Preparation tasks, Travel tasks, and Arrival tasks. Be sure to state your assumptions for each version.

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