Using the data presented in P10-19:
In p10-19:
Traper Company holds 80 percent ownership of Arrow Company. The consolidated balance sheets as of December 31, 20X3, and December 31, 20X4, are as follows:

The 20X4 consolidated income statement contained the following amounts:

Traper acquired its investment in Arrow on January 1, 20X2, for $176,000. At that date, the fair value of the noncontrolling interest was $44,000, and Arrow reported net assets of $150,000. A total of $40,000 of the differential was assigned to goodwill. The remainder of the differential was assigned to equipment with a remaining life of 20 years from the date of combination.
Traper sold $100,000 of bonds on December 31, 20X4, to assist in generating additional funds. Arrow reported net income of $35,000 for 20X4 and paid dividends of $15,000. Traper reported 20X4 equity-method net income of $80,000 and paid dividends of $25,000.

a. Prepare a worksheet to develop a consolidated statement of cash flows for 20X4 using the direct method of computing cash flows from operations.
b. Prepare a consolidated statement of cash flows for20X4.

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