Question: Using the information in M8 7 and M8 8 prepare the journal

Using the information in M8-7 and M8-8, prepare the journal entry to record the end-of-period adjustment for bad debts under the (a) percentage of credit sales method and (b) aging of accounts receivable method. Which of these methods is required by GAAP?
Refer M8-7
Assume Simple Co. had credit sales of $ 250,000 and cost of goods sold of $ 150,000 for the period. Simple uses the percentage of credit sales method and estimates that 1 percent of credit sales would result in uncollectible accounts. Before the end-of-period adjustment is made, the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts has a credit balance of $ 250. What amount of Bad Debt Expense would the company record as an end-of-period adjustment?

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