Using the legend provided classify the impact that each of
Using the legend provided, classify the impact that each of the following items has on regular taxable income when computing AMTI. Ignore the ACE adjustment.
I = Increase in taxable income
D = Decrease in taxable income
E = Either an increase or a decrease in taxable income
N = No change to taxable income
a. Amortization claimed on certified pollution control facilities.
b. Adjusted current earnings (ACE) adjustment.
c. AMT net operating loss deduction.
d. Excess mining exploration and development costs.
e. Statutory AMT exemption.
f. Accelerated depreciation on post-1986 property acquisitions.
g. Tax-exempt interest on private activity municipal bonds.
h. LIFO inventory recapture amount.
i. Excess percentage depletion of an integrated oil company.
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