Question: Using the legend provided indicate which form of business entity

Using the legend provided, indicate which form of business entity each of the following characteristics describes. Some of the characteristics may apply to more than one form of business entity.
SP = Applies to sole proprietorship
P = Applies to partnership and LLC
S = Applies to S corporation
C = Applies to C corporation
N = Applies to none
a. Has limited liability.
b. Greatest ability to raise capital.
c. Subject to double taxation.
d. Subject to accumulated earnings tax.
e. Limit on types and number of shareholders.
f. Has unlimited liability.
g. Sale of the business can be subject to double taxation.
h. Contribution of property to the entity in exchange for an ownership interest can result in the nonrecognition of realized gain.
i. Profits and losses affect the basis for an ownership interest.
j. Entity liabilities affect the basis for an ownership interest.
k. Distributions of earnings are taxed as dividend income to the owners.
l. Total invested capital cannot exceed $1 million.
m. AAA is an account that relates to this entity.

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