Question: Using the sample results in Exercise 11 14 construct and interpret

Using the sample results in Exercise 11.14, construct and interpret the 95% confidence interval for the difference between the population means. Is the hypothesized difference (0.00) within the interval? Given the presence or absence of the 0.00 value within the interval, is this consistent with the findings of the hypothesis test conducted in Exercise 11.14?
In exercise 11.14
Comparing the number of Facebook “friends” for men and women, observers have speculated about whether the mean number of friends could be the same for each group. Assume that data file XR11014 lists the number of Facebook friends for independent samples of male and female Facebook users. Based on the results of a two-tail test at the 0.05 level, comment on whether the difference between the sample means could have simply occurred by chance. Identify and interpret the p-value for the test.
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