Valley Company faced the following situations Journalize the adjusting entry
Valley Company faced the following situations. Journalize the adjusting entry needed at December 31, 2014, for each situation. Consider each fact separately.
a. The business has interest expense of $2,100 that it must pay early in January 2015.
b. Interest revenue of $3,900 has been earned but not yet received.
c. On July 1, 2014, when the business collected $14,000 rent in advance, it debited Cash and credited Unearned Rent Revenue. The tenant was paying for two years’ rent.
d. Salary expense is $2,300 per day—Monday through Friday—and the business pays employees each Friday. This year, December 31 falls on a Wednesday.
e. The unadjusted balance of the Supplies account is $3,110. Te total cost of supplies on hand is $1,600.
f. Equipment was purchased at the beginning of this year at a cost of $120,000. The equipment’s useful life is five years. There is no residual value. Record depreciation for this year and then determine the equipment’s book value.

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