Question: Valmont Inc experienced the following events in 2014 its first

Valmont Inc. experienced the following events in 2014, its first year of operation:
1. Received $ 50,000 cash from the issue of common stock.
2. Performed services on account for $ 67,000.
3. Paid a $ 5,000 cash dividend to the stockholders.
4. Collected $ 45,000 of the accounts receivable.
5. Paid $ 49,000 cash for other operating expenses.
6. Performed services for $ 10,000 cash.
7. Recognized $ 2,000 of accrued utilities expense at the end of the year.

a. Identify the events that result in revenue or expense recognition.
b. Based on your response to Requirement a, determine the amount of net income reported on the 2014 income statement.
c. Identify the events that affect the statement of cash flows.
d. Based on your response to Requirement c, determine the amount of cash flow from operating activities reported on the 2014 statement of cash flows.
e. What is the before- and after- closing balance in the service revenue account? What other accounts would be closed at the end of the accounting cycle?
f. What is the balance of the retained earnings account that appears on the 2014 balance sheet?

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