Value stream mapping involves first developing a baseline map of the current situation of a company’s external and/ or internal operations, and then applying lean concepts, and developing a future state map that shows improved operations. Exhibit 14.16, for example, shows the current state with a production lead time of 4.5 days. This system is a batch/ push system ( indicated by striped arrows) resulting in long delays and inventory buildups. Exhibit 14.17 shows the future state map with a production lead time of 0.25 day. This was accomplished by moving to a continuous- flow pull system and attacking the seven wastes. Value stream mapping uses a number of special icons and display formats of boxes and flows. For a more complete discussion of the methodology, see Jared Lovelle. 7
1 Eliminating the queue of work dramatically quickens the time it takes a part to low through the system. What are the disadvantages of removing those queues?
2 How do you think the machine operators would react to the change?
3 What would you do to ensure that the operators were keptbusy?

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