Question: Vandenberg Inc produces and sells two products a ceiling fan

Vandenberg, Inc., produces and sells two products: a ceiling fan and a table fan. Vandenberg plans to sell 30,000 ceiling fans and 70,000 table fans in the coming year. Product price and cost information includes:
Common fixed selling and administrative expenses total $85,000.
1. What is the sales mix estimated for next year (calculated to the lowest whole number for each product)?
2. Using the sales mix from Requirement 1, form a package of ceiling fans and table fans. How many ceiling fans and table fans are sold at break-even?
3. Prepare a contribution-margin-based income statement for Vandenberg, Inc., based on the unit sales calculated in Requirement 2.
4. What if Vandenberg, Inc., wanted to earn operating income equal to $14,400? Calculate the number of ceiling fans and table fans that must be sold to earn this level of operating income.

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