Question: View the first demonstration example Simulating a Basic Queueing System

View the first demonstration example (Simulating a Basic Queueing System) in the simulation area of your OR Tutor.
(a) Enter this same problem into the interactive procedure for simulation in your IOR Tutorial. Interactively execute a simulation run for 20 minutes of simulated time.
(b) Use the Queueing Simulator with 5,000 customer arrivals to estimate the usual measures of performance for this queueing system under the current plan to provide two tellers.
(c) Repeat part (b) if three tellers were to be provided.
(d) Now perform some sensitivity analysis by checking the effect if the level of business turns out to be even higher than projected. In particular, assume that the average time between customer arrivals turns out to be only 0.9 minute instead of 1.0 minute. Evaluate the alternatives of two tellers and three tellers under this assumption.
(e) Suppose you were the manager of this bank. Use your simulation results as the basis for a managerial decision on how many tellers to provide. Justify your answer.

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